Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Testing the best of the rest

Another magazine is hitting our shelves and inbox' that a sigh I hear? Hang on and listen up... I think this one is a little different. Test Magazine is sure to make you sit up. According to their website, 'Test is a visual platform that fuses a combination of new and established artists on a constantly changing series of image-led projects. Its name is derived from the concept of a “test shoot”, where creative teams are formed to show the best of their abilities.' These 'creatives' vary from models including Clara Settie, fashion designers such as Dr Noki (see his shoot above) and styling by Leith Clerk. All are here to show what they do best and excel in their own fields without any restrictions. The results are quite special.

The evolving website is a haven for most of us searching something that is unique and quite simply, clever.

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