Friday, 19 February 2010

Fashion's new sweetheart?

I think another lady is about to break the music and fashion scene with a pow...Eliza Doolittle is a singer songwriter from London. She is now signed to Parlophone and her debut album is due out in Spring 2010. Tracks from her EP that was released in Novemeber 2009 have already been remixed by the likes of Plastic Little and Jamie from The XX. Wow...super music kudos already. The radio airwaves and fashion magazines are gonna be full of Eliza before we know it. Her music is charming, fun and have balls. This girl believes in sticking to your guns. Her style is something to keep a watchful eye on too. Before long some of us will be purchasing Eliza's look from the likes of ASOS...something to look forward too for those without any sense of style.

The single Skinny Genes is out in March...go have a sneaky peak now...

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