Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Five with Jessica Penfold

Jessie Penfold is one of those girls who has an infectious and mesmerising personality. Personally, I am holding on to everything she says as she emulates that ultimate girl power ego that you simply cannot resist.  With her shockingly blood red hair, sharp fringe, and a style that could possibly be inspired by Velma of Scooby-Doo fame fused with a slice of vintage punk rock, you definitely cant miss her.  By day, Jessie works at Boston Studio and by night she is working her magic as an illustrator.  With clients including Vice, Gash and FUN Magazine, this lady has a certain exciting buzz about her.
Here is a little inside info on Jessie...
What are you doing right now?
Right this second; skiving off work.
In life; trying to be an illustrator, working a dull day job to pay the bills.

I love to draw because...
It takes me somewhere else. I know who I am and what I am about when I draw.
I can push it if I want or I can pull it back. With patience it's totally under my control.

What is your proudest moment in life so far?
Professionally the first time I saw my work in a magazine. 
Personally, when my niece Alice was born.

What are your vices?
Smoking, laziness, messiness, frustration.

Best music track to listen to to get the creative juices flowing...
Oh god, I usually watch CSI / True Blood / One Tree Hill or something online while I draw. And when it comes to music I couldn't possibly choose just one song...
I'll make you a mix...

Monday, 15 June 2009

Man Like Me

Yeah! Here is a band to watch kids...Man Like Me are gonna get you so be sure to see them at Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing stage on Friday at 1pm. The sun will shine when they play fo sho. Make sure you look out for their backing singer Jessie...she is super hot.

It seems that all exciting (potential) rock stars have parents who have brushed with fame in the past. Man Like Me is no different. Johnny's dad produced all of Madness' work back in the late '80s, so without a doubt he is an exciting talent to watch and take note from. This influence can been seen and heard, particularly in 'Single Dad', which has a playful Madness-esque rockabilly style.

Check this;

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wills Moody Needs You!

If you are a vintage lover, charity shop hoarder, and all round rummager then you need to get with it and head to Wills Moody jumble sale.  This isn't the sort of place where you will expect to see other peoples shit selling for 20p...no no no.  Think vintage dresses, shoes, bags and jewellery that is someone's rubbish?!  I find it hard to believe but yes people are selling their old tit for tat for a pittance.  My best buy?  An '80s pink jumpsuit that set me back £3.   Oh yeeeeah!  

If the credit crunch is biting then why not hire a table?  They only cost a fiver and if your wardrobe it over flowing with clothes you never wear anymore then you could make a killing.

The next jumble sale is going to be on 20th June.  See you then... we can all buy our outfits ready for Glastonbury the week after!


Monday, 8 June 2009

I Really Wanna Hula!

This Thursday, 11th June, I am off to Hoopblast to shake, rattle and swirl those hips whilst simultaneously spinning a hoop.    Forget the playground, this is where big girls come to play.  I literally cannot wait.  Balham Leisure Centre has never been so cosmopolitan. 

 Although hula hoops have graced our planet for approximately 3000 years, they became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1950s when 100 million were sold in the States in the summer of 1958.  That is a lot of hoop-ing.  

More recently, there has been a re-emergence of hula hopping due to the likes of circus productions such as La Clique, and Cirque du Soleil.  Last week at Britney Spear’s show at the O2, she had acrobats, muscle men and hula hoop-ing girls gracing the stage strutting their stuff.  I was inspired and like a small child, decided ‘I wanted to be like them too’.  So here goes.  Wish me luck.