Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Terry O'Neil New and Unseen

Last night I went to a private viewing of a new Terry O'Neil exhibition at the Chris Beetles Gallery. I have been to several of these events at this gallery and seen the works by Mervyn Peake and Lichfield whilst sipping champagne and surrounding myself with the super elite who have just had supper at The Wolsey.

The viewing was fantastic- for one I wish I had experienced the '60s and hung out with Audrey and Bridget and even Frank. Terry O'Neil is well known for shooting these three in particular. He is one of Britain's most celebrated photographers and this is the first time he has exhibited at the Chris Beetles Gallery. The majority of the prints have not been seen before, an exciting prospect for fans of fashion photography.

The celebrity world as we know it today is full of nobody's who have little and no talent. I am so sick of leafing through the weekly mags portraying these women and telling me where they buy their cheap dresses from. In contrast, during Terry's peak, the celebs who he worked with had talent. From Audrey Hepburn frolicking in water whilst on set of 'Two For the Road' or The Rolling Stones in make up back stage, they all had something to shout about. There is a sense of charm, beauty and calm with all of his work mirroring that of Lord Snowdon.

Terry O'Neil is now 71 years old and is still friends with many of his subjects, providing the ultimate artist/ celebrity combination.

If you have a chance then definitely go and see a true masters work.

There are editions of 50, signed and numbered by O'Neil so if you have the cash, prices start from £1,850 and go up to £6,500.

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