Friday, 26 February 2010

Gourmet in my Face

New brand alert. Available in Harvey Nichols and Offspring, Gourmet is set to take the kicks fan to a new level. The New York based Italian inspired brand prides itself on cleaner silhouettes and a general swagger. Each piece from footwear to apparel possesses an understated complexity that that underlies Gourmet's high concept DNA. Go get boys.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Are you free tomorrow night?

I heart the Little Comets

A couple of weeks ago I met the Little Comets to give them some super clothes from Quick. The boys are lovely, their music is sweet and they are gonna go big don't you know.

Wanna know more?...

Where did the name Little Comets come from?

Erm.... it is a really terrible story and one which makes me sound a bit daft... my friend had the name petite comete on msn messenger or something like that. Even though I did French for 5 years I felt the need to whack it into a translator to find out what comete meant. After being astounded at not being perceptive, I thought hmmm that is an ok name for a band...

You are fans of guerrilla gigs - which has been the best guerrilla gig to date?

We did one in a bakery aisle at Marks and Spencer's which was pretty good, it was nearly a national event in Newcastle as four police cars were scrambled to the scene... We did this gig on a tram in Sheffield which when we'd finished people followed us down the street to the gig singing.... The worst was when we were attacked by a maniacal Irish lecture who was 6'4" and foaming. He whacked Mickey but fortunately Mark saved him.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Hmmmm I wanted to be a footballer or a fireman.... Mickey still wants to be a Nobel Prize winning scientist. Mark used to whack pots and pans in the kitchen when he was two so I think he has fallen on his feet. As for Matt, I've never asked him so would have to hazard a guess - maybe a sailor.

To get the creative juices flowing Little Comets listen to...

Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear and Deastro from the future, David Bowie, Paul Simon and Debussy from the past, we don't read books by Dan Brown.

What are your vices?

Crisps, ice cream, chocolate and biscuits. Being stressed and driving badly. Swearing and rowdyism.

What is the best possible thing to happen to Little Comets in 2010?

Either to release a couple of nice singles and the album, play lots of festivals and build an organic hostel or abscond to Italy and start a crack den.

When is the album out?

Hopefully July but it seems to get put back everytime the weather is bad so who knows.


Here are the new voices of Viva Glam...and what voices they are! Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga love lipstick and they love fashion so a perfect combo right? The message is simple, they want to tell girls all over the world how to keep their love life safe, seductive and satisfying with eyes wide open to the facts about women and HIV/AIDS.

On 1st March Sharon Osbourne hosts as Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper take part in An Audience With... event to promote make-up brand's newest fund-raising range. All proceeds from the sale of the limited edition products are donated to HIV/AIDS charities via the MAC AIDS Fund.

Who needs another excuse to purchase a new lippy?

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

WAH TopShop!

Ladies, WAH Nails has now launched at TopShop. Oh yes. Go book and appointment and let the nail magic happen. There is no excuse now, you need to be WAH'd.

Check their magazine too....

Number 6 London

After the success of the launch of Number Six on Drays Walk it seemed inevitable that an online store was next on owner Mark Batista's list. Renowned for showcasing exclusive men's garms including clothing, accessories and footwear from the likes of Clarks Originals, Sebago, and Libertine Libertine. Now you can look good and the tips of your fingers. Wish you were a man? I do...sometimes.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Fashion's new sweetheart?

I think another lady is about to break the music and fashion scene with a pow...Eliza Doolittle is a singer songwriter from London. She is now signed to Parlophone and her debut album is due out in Spring 2010. Tracks from her EP that was released in Novemeber 2009 have already been remixed by the likes of Plastic Little and Jamie from The XX. Wow...super music kudos already. The radio airwaves and fashion magazines are gonna be full of Eliza before we know it. Her music is charming, fun and have balls. This girl believes in sticking to your guns. Her style is something to keep a watchful eye on too. Before long some of us will be purchasing Eliza's look from the likes of ASOS...something to look forward too for those without any sense of style.

The single Skinny Genes is out in March...go have a sneaky peak now...

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bling Deenie

Wow...I know where my next pay check will be mostly spent. This website is incredible, and if you are like me and love gold, jewels and anything remotely blingin then Bling Deenie is our next best haunt. There is a sale at the mo so snap up the bargains quick snap! Boom. The triangle earrings are too much.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Everyone loves a new allow me to introduce Goldspun that is launching in the UK for AW10. Founded in 2006, Goldspun denim is more than a brand but a lifestyle. Premium raw materials are used to create top quality garments for men and women. No detail is too small; customs hardware, stitching, and trim are a symbol of the dedication Goldspun has.

The philosophy of utility meeting elegance symbolises a collection based on classical timepieces with contemporary hits. The Japanese denim is chosen for its ability to improve with age; each season will carry the essence of the generation before it. The Japanese denim is milled by masters using traditional techniques. The military silhouettes are created for ultimate functionality and are cut to fit men and women with concise precision.

Time to prepare that winter wardrobe boys...

Terry O'Neil New and Unseen

Last night I went to a private viewing of a new Terry O'Neil exhibition at the Chris Beetles Gallery. I have been to several of these events at this gallery and seen the works by Mervyn Peake and Lichfield whilst sipping champagne and surrounding myself with the super elite who have just had supper at The Wolsey.

The viewing was fantastic- for one I wish I had experienced the '60s and hung out with Audrey and Bridget and even Frank. Terry O'Neil is well known for shooting these three in particular. He is one of Britain's most celebrated photographers and this is the first time he has exhibited at the Chris Beetles Gallery. The majority of the prints have not been seen before, an exciting prospect for fans of fashion photography.

The celebrity world as we know it today is full of nobody's who have little and no talent. I am so sick of leafing through the weekly mags portraying these women and telling me where they buy their cheap dresses from. In contrast, during Terry's peak, the celebs who he worked with had talent. From Audrey Hepburn frolicking in water whilst on set of 'Two For the Road' or The Rolling Stones in make up back stage, they all had something to shout about. There is a sense of charm, beauty and calm with all of his work mirroring that of Lord Snowdon.

Terry O'Neil is now 71 years old and is still friends with many of his subjects, providing the ultimate artist/ celebrity combination.

If you have a chance then definitely go and see a true masters work.

There are editions of 50, signed and numbered by O'Neil so if you have the cash, prices start from £1,850 and go up to £6,500.