Monday, 8 February 2010

Dennis is Worth It!

Dennis Lye is the most adorable magazine editor. By day he works in the marketing department at River Island and by night he squeezes in the time and creates an online magazine called Were Worth It Too (WWIT). Seriously, it is a wonder how this boy breathes, let alone sleeps!

Dennis came in to see me last week...

What are you doing right now?

Currently brainstorming my life! Haha..i have a list for a list to juggle my
day job, the magazine and personal keep on top of things I
definitely need to keep it tight and know exactly what needs to be done..

I love to edit a magazine because...

It gives me a creative outlet, I am an artistic person and just so happens
I've found something that I can channel it through and everything I'm doing
and have done are related to where I want to do. So editing a magazine lets
me exercise my eye, and fine tune my skill that is going to be invaluable to
me in the future especially in the industry. Having touched on all these
skills will give me an edge.

What is your proudest moment in life so far?

So far, getting a job at River Island due to honest hard work, and having
been recognised for my potential is really good to know. I got HERE all
because of me, and only me.

What are your vices?

Snack too much, eat when I'm happy, eat when I'm stressed! Olives, crisps,
Nandos...other than that..i have a insane collection of magazines..i like a
good read..they speak to same language to me.. I need it for inspiration.

Best music track to listen to to get the creative juices flowing...

Currently it's Magic FM...makes me feel like there's no rush to get anything

What does 2010 hold?

Everything and anything! On a realistic note, I do hope for big things, the
magazine to get better...more readers more experiences, meeting more
talented people and getting to do what I love..and to earn a little bit

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