Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Grab a Garb

I love a boy in anything by Garbstore. They ooze that sexiness that I completely swoon over and melt at the knees with. So boys if you wanna impress, embrace the collection this season. Their fifth collection finds it’s inspiration in the service industries that accompanied the colonial exploits of the British Empire, from rail building in India to service waiters in Hong Kong, From Chefs to train drivers we have focused on the Civilian aspect of Uniform that proceed from any Military campaign. Sounds good, right? To add that rock appeal, Canadian Folk band ‘The Mighty low’ were photographed in rehearsal in their studio in east London wearing the Garb pieces. The images are illustrated by UK based artist Ewen Brown. The campaign will also be used as the album book for the ‘The Mighty Lows’ new record due later in the year.

Go grab now boys at www.my-wardrobe.com

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