Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wills Moody Needs You!

If you are a vintage lover, charity shop hoarder, and all round rummager then you need to get with it and head to Wills Moody jumble sale.  This isn't the sort of place where you will expect to see other peoples shit selling for no no.  Think vintage dresses, shoes, bags and jewellery that is someone's rubbish?!  I find it hard to believe but yes people are selling their old tit for tat for a pittance.  My best buy?  An '80s pink jumpsuit that set me back £3.   Oh yeeeeah!  

If the credit crunch is biting then why not hire a table?  They only cost a fiver and if your wardrobe it over flowing with clothes you never wear anymore then you could make a killing.

The next jumble sale is going to be on 20th June.  See you then... we can all buy our outfits ready for Glastonbury the week after!

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