Monday, 8 June 2009

I Really Wanna Hula!

This Thursday, 11th June, I am off to Hoopblast to shake, rattle and swirl those hips whilst simultaneously spinning a hoop.    Forget the playground, this is where big girls come to play.  I literally cannot wait.  Balham Leisure Centre has never been so cosmopolitan. 

 Although hula hoops have graced our planet for approximately 3000 years, they became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1950s when 100 million were sold in the States in the summer of 1958.  That is a lot of hoop-ing.  

More recently, there has been a re-emergence of hula hopping due to the likes of circus productions such as La Clique, and Cirque du Soleil.  Last week at Britney Spear’s show at the O2, she had acrobats, muscle men and hula hoop-ing girls gracing the stage strutting their stuff.  I was inspired and like a small child, decided ‘I wanted to be like them too’.  So here goes.  Wish me luck.

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