Monday, 19 April 2010

Battersea Boot Beats!

Yesterday I went to the Battersea Car Boot sale in the blistering sunshine. I went a couple of years ago with my mum and I remember not being too impressed...however these things always come down to luck. All and sundrine turned out for the boot. The queue to get in was bad enough. I am a born rummager so clearly was in my element but if sifting through someone elses junk sounds like hell then don't hang here. I was really impressed with the bargains that were to be had. I would definitely go again and this time take more cash. I bought a fantastic dress that was apparently from a sample sale and a vintage belt. I pray that either purchase wasn't actually from Primark....for £6 though I am not too bothered.

Where: Battersea Tec College, Battersea Park Rd, (entrance in Dagnall St) SW11 (07941 383 588) Queenstown Road/Battersea rail.
When: Sunday from 1.30-5pm except Christmas and New Year
Entry fee 50p

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